La Vie En Rosé

Do you want to amaze a friend or friend who is passionate about wine? Offer him a rosé, or rather French “rosé” if you want to give you more tone, perhaps with bubbles and, even better, combined with an excellent gourmet pizza. We are ready to bet that he will look at you raising his eyebrows, in a tone that is a bit puzzled as if he wanted to tell you “but are you sure?”. If there is a type of wine that is absolutely undervalued and full of commonplaces, this is precisely that of rosé wines. Let’s start by removing some of them. A wine for women? Never. To drink only in summer? Just for nothing. A middle ground between a white and a red? Absolutely not. So let’s start to get to know them a little better and, why not, to appreciate them for what they are: unique wines, with their own and very specific personality, whose quality today has nothing to envy to the older white and red brothers.

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